Thai Food, The Basics

Thai omelette ‘Kai-jiew’

One of the simplest Thai dishes that can be eaten as a quick meal or as part or a larger Thai dinner. You can put different things in it, the classic veggie version would have some sliced onion and tomato in it but my favourite version is with Thai sweet basil ‘horapah’ leaves and some chopped spring onions. It’s traditionally severe with Siracha sauce but also like it with soy sauce with some chill powder in it.

It’s best not to try to make a massive omelette as it’ll be difficult to cook. If you just want to eat it with rice then a couple off eggs per person is fine. I normally don’t make an omelette with more than four or five eggs. They are quick to cook and best eaten fresh from the wok so just make more if you have a crowd to feed. If I’m cooking for two and having another dish or two I’d probably use 3 eggs.

In a wok heat about a half cup (75ml) oil for a two egg omelet, probably 100mls for a larger one. A Thai omelette is almost deep fried so you do need quite a bit of oil. If you don’t use enough oil it won’t puff up well, or get as crispy.

While the oil is heating crack the eggs into a bowl and beat them well. Then add a good splash of (light) soy sauce and a splash of water and beat this in. Next add a good handful of Thai sweet basil leaves and a chopped spring onion (optional) keep beating the mixture until you pour it into the hot oil. Use the back of a spatula to push the outer, uncooked egg mixture into the centre until it starts to cook. (This will help cook the omelet evenly.) Then allow the underside to cook. Shake the wok a litle once the omelette moves easily it should be ready to turn over with your spatula. Cook on this side, it should puff up nicely and begin to get a bit crisp around the edges. As soon as it’s cooked lift it out of the wok, draining off any excess oil, and serve.


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