The Basics

Homomade paneer cheese

Paneer is easy to make at home and is great in Indian curries. For about 200g of cheese bring 1 litre of full fat milk to boil in a thick bottomed saucepan. Keep stirring the milk so it doesn’t catch as soon as it starts to  come to a boil turn down the heat and add the juice of about half a lemon. Keep stirring for a few seconds and the milk should begin to split into curds and whey. If it doesn’t split add a little more lemon juice. As soon as this happens turn of the heat. Leave to stand for a minute and large pieces of curd will form as in the picture on the left. You can shake the pan a little to help the separation. Prepare a sieve lined with two layers of muslin or cheesecloth above a bowl and then pour the milk into the sieve. The whey will go through the muslin leaving the curd in the muslin. Leave it for an hour or so then put the cheese in the muslin between a couple of saucers and put a heavy weight on to top for a couple of hours help press the moisture out of the cheese. Keep the whey you can use it when making bread of put it in soups or smoothies.


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