Veggie mains

Veggies in ‘pasta’ sauce

Lots of people are making ‘pastaless’ pasta dishes using spiralized vegetables such as courgettes to make courgetti etc. My friend Jaja made a delicious dish this week with courgetti and a veggie ragu. So I thought I’d experiment with a mixed ‘veghetti’. I used just over a kilo of veg for two people so you’re certainly getting your five-a-day here!

I started by frying finely sliced eryngii mushrooms in some olive oil with crushed garlic and some salt. Meanwhile I made ‘ribbons’ from a couple of courgettes and added these to the pan. In a steamer I lightly cooked a leek also cut into long strips and some baby asparagus. While these were cooking I added a slosh of white whine and some cream to the frying pan to make a sauce. Then added in the leeks and the asparagus and a bowlful of sunflower sprouts. I mixed everything together and cooked it until the sprouts started to soften then turned off the heat. I stirred in two beaten organic free-range eggs mixed with a handful of grated Parmesan and a good grinding of black pepper and made sure all the vegetables were coated in the sauce.

It made a nice light meal, certainly not as substantial as a pasta dish but a good alternative if you want something between a pasta meal and a salad. One tip is that quite a bit of liquid comes out of the vegetables, especially the mushrooms and courgettes, so try to use firmer mushrooms, like eryngii and smaller courgettes which are less watery. Also fry off as much liquid at the early stage as you can, adding salt at the beginning should help here. Having said that the juice is very tasty so serve in a bowl with a spoon as well as a fork, or serve with some crusty bread to mop up the juices, but then your back to carbs (not that that bothers me)!


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