Salads, Thai Food, Veggie sides

Spicy sweet corn salad

This isn’t a traditional Thai salad / ‘yum’ but an adaptation that works well to make fresh and crunchy salad.

I steamed a couple of locally grown organic cobs of corn with their skins on for about 10 mins. They weren’t that big, one large corn would probably be equivalent. I then allowed them to cool and in a dry pan roasted a large handful of peanuts until they started to brown, I put these in a mixing bowl and the roasted a couple of tablespoons of sesame seeds and added them to the bowl. I chopped up a few small shallots and about a dozen cherry tomatoes and added them.. Next I peeled the corn and sliced the kernels off and added them to the bowl. I added the juice of two small limes and finely sliced a couple of bird’s eye chillis, two finely sliced young tender lemongrass stalks and a handful of chopped coriander leaves and added them along with a tablespoon or so of light soy sauce. I mixed everything together and tasted the salad to check there was a balance between the salty, spicy, sweet and  sour flavours. I served this as part of a Tai meal with other dishes however if you want to make a meal of it then mix in an equal quantity of cooked brown rice. I did this the following day with the leftovers for my lunch and it was really good too.




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