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Veggie stew with pulses


This is a stew / soup similar to a minestrone, but a little heartier, made with what veg. and pluses you have to hand. It’s good if you have time to make it early and let it stand so the flavours develop and then reheat it to serve.

I fried an onion then added some chopped garlic, large chillis, celery and about 150g of mushrooms and fried until beginning to brown the added a chopped carrot, and some sliced radishes and 4 chopped tomatoes, about half a cup of dried lentils, a couple of bay leaves, a couple of pinches of salt, and a few crushed pepper corns which I covered well with vegetable stock and cooked for about 10 mins. Then I added some quicker cooking veg. cauliflower and Thai kale (pak kana) and fresh herbs, coriander and dill and about 1/2 tsp dried chill powder (optional) and cooked for another 15 mins or so until the lentils were cooked. Finally, I added some cooked beans I had (you could just use more lentils). You can make it as thick as you want if you you prefer it to be a stew or add more stock for a hearty soup. If you want a really hearty stew then add a handful of pearl barley with the lentils or add dumplings to the stew. If you don’t add dumplings, then it’s good served with warm fresh bread.


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