Thai Food

Tofu and mushroom Pad Prik Gaeng

This is a quick and easy dish that I used to order often as a one-plate dish at a street stall near my house in Bangkok. These days I make it as a quick meal at home. It can be served with other Thai dishes and is good on rice with a fried egg, if you eat eggs.

I started by cutting a block of firm tofu into pieces and putting it in a bowl with a couple of tsp. of soy sauce on it. Meanwhile I chopped a smallish onion and crushed a couple of cloves of garlic and chopped up some mushrooms (a small bowlful) into similar sized pieces as the tofu. I also cut a handful of yard beans into pieces about 4 – 5 cms long. I then heated about 3 tbsp. of coconut oil in my wok and fried the tofu in it, I didn’t add the soy sauce, until it was staring to go golden brown. I then put it back in the bowl. In the same oil I fried the onion and mushrooms and then after a couple of minutes or so I added the beans and garlic and stir fried everything for a couple of minutes and the added the tofu, soy sauce and a good tbsp. of red curry paste, the amount of paste you use is up to you. I added a few torn kaffir lime leaves and added a little water to stop the curry paste burning. One the beans are just cooked but are still nice and crunchy you I add a splash or coconut milk (optional) just to make a sauce to coat everything. Serve with rice.



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