God knows there are soooo many cooking blogs out there loads of them are amazing so what’s going on here at copymydinner? Well I want to inspire you to make easy, tasty and (mostly) healthy  vegetarian food. I live outside Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand where there is an abundance of great veggies all year round and I’m trying to grow more myself too so where possible I’ll use things from the garden. I’m not a great one for following recipes so you won’t always find lists of ingredients and step-by-step methods here, sorry but many places offer that and so do all the cookbooks. What you will find, I hope, are ideas that will inspire you to be creative in your kitchen. So if a few people try to copymydinner and come up with their own creations then I’ll have had my cake and eaten it too! Happy cooking!

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Photo Marisa Marchitelli

Find me on Facebook, Instagram (@copymydinner) and Pintrest too! Please feel free to post your ‘copies’ on #copymydinner’s Facebook page.

Just in case you are wondering “homomade” is defined by the urban dictionary as “Any food made by a homosexual. Usually better than homemade.” 


N.B. ‘Usually’ not ‘always’ better than homemade so give it a go whoever / whatever you are!

19 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Kerree Ahern says:

    As always I am late to the party. delighted you are doing this. I will pop in occasionally and wish that the world is inspired by you my lovely friend and your fabulous food. XX

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  2. Dick Quinnell says:

    Clyde – very nice blog; I was going to proofread/correct your ‘homomade’ – but I spotted your note just in time – I take your point!
    Fascinated to read in the wild garlic risotto resipe that you used to roam in Teazle Wood as a child – I did too, but probably earlier – you look like a spring chicken compared to me – i was in there from about 1944. The hermit you refer to must have been Ted Churcher – there were originally two of them, Ted and Bill, very different characters who avoided each other and set up contrasting encampments – scraped a living in their different ways, until universal OA pensions came along and they were suddenly rich! Both had their reasons for living away from conventional society – bill was an incarnation of John the Baptist who was just waiting for the rulers of the world to arrive in Teazle Wood and proclaim him Supreme Ruler of the World. Sadly he passed on just before they arrived. Ted was a celebrity after he found an arm – from a Poor Murdered Woman – in the wood. I’d love to talk more with t you about this – contact me through Lucy – I’m her dad.

    Happy cooking in 2017!
    Dick Quinnell


    • Hi, Good to hear from you and a strange coincidence that I was just reading a message from Lucy about the great Xmas tree she’d got from my dad, Alan, this year. Hope you enjoy the blog and even though I now like in Thailand I have very found memories for growing up in Patsom Cottage an the surrounding areas including your place I Rembrandt the basset hounds and Jacob’s sheep well. I often drop in to see Lucy when I’m over so next time it would be lovely to see you too. All the best.


  3. Thien (Tom) Le says:

    hello A.clyde, we are IEP class C hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahhahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahajajahahhahahahahahha


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